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Woodwards Gripe water for babies. How does the brand remains trusted since years??

For years, we used to give woodwards gripe water for babies who suffer from stomach pain due to gas, acidity or indigestion. Even in my childhood days, I remember how my mom used to give me woodwards gripe water whenever I cried due to stomach pain. This shows how the product has been trusted by moms over years.  Colic in children is one of the most annoying problems that requires immediate attention. Sometimes, babies cry for a long time. At that time, without any second thoughts, newborn mothers should identify ways to treat colic. 10 minutes after feeding is the best time to give gripe water to cure colics in children. This woodwards gripe water is absolutely an ayurvedic formulation with a combination of dill oil and sarjikakshara that provides relief from stomach pain caused due to gas, acidity, and indigestion in infants and children. It is absolutely safe for babies and also strict checks have been made by them to ensure quality and hygiene of the product