Dispelling myths about palm oil

I attended the MPOC (Malaysian Palmoil Council) webinar where Mrs. Bhavna Shah ( country head of MPOC) dispelled many myths about palm oil and made us realize its importance. The session of the MPOC was very helpful and informative.

 I figured out how palm oil is used for various things and why it should be consumed. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarb of the palm fruit. Oil palm cultivation produces more metric tons of oil per hectare than any other vegetable oil.

Dispelling myths of palm oil

The palm oil industry adheres to and implements sustainable and good agricultural practices, but has been accused of destroying rainforests and wildlife habitats, especially durable practices including orangutan. These allegations are driven by campaigns. These negative campaigns have similarly prompted the use of palm oil as a renewable fuel, which needs to be proven to be sustainable.

Nutritional content of palm oil

Today, palm oil is one of the many food items on supermarket shelves around the world. These include butter, chocolates, chips, spreads, ice cream, cakes and cookies. Meanwhile, palm-based oleochemicals are highly suitable for the production of non-food products such as personal care, cosmetics and household and industrial products.

Food manufacturers prefer to use palm oil due to its nutritional content and competitive price. Palm oil is a ‘balanced’ oil that is free of fat, trans fats and GMOs. It is one of the richest sources of micronutrients such as vitamin-dependent carotenoids and vitamin E.

Biofuel production

Higher prices of petroleum have spurred the rapid growth of the biofuel sector in the EU, the United States and Malaysia to some extent. Biofuels offer strategic benefits to different sectors and partners. 

There are several benefits to using palm oil for biofuel production. Unlike fossil fuels, the combustion of biofuels in palm oil does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because the oil simply returns carbon dioxide previously obtained from the atmosphere by photosynthesis. Therefore, biofuels are considered carbon neutral.

Malaysian palm oil

Malaysia, one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of palm oil and palm oil products, plays a key role in sustainability meeting the growing global demand for oils and fats.

A unique feature of the oil palm is that it produces two types of oil - palm kernel oil from the flesh of the fruit, and palm kernel oil from the seed or kernel. Approximately 1 ton of palm oil is obtained for every 10 tons of palm oil. Many processing operations are used to produce finished palm oil that meets the needs of the users. The first step in the process is at the plant, where the crude palm oil is extracted from the fruit.

Crude palm oil can be further refined (second stage of processing) to obtain a wider range of palm products of a specific quality. Partially and fully processed standards require even more treatment before use, providing savings in processing cost to the end user. Palm oil can be fractional, with various (solid) melting properties using simple crystallization and separation processes. The different properties of fractions make them suitable for a wide variety of food and non-food items.

The session was really helpful to understand the myths about palm oil which i want to share here the goodness of palm oil

If you want to know more, check http://mpoc.org.my/


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  2. Thanks for sharing this informative article on all the myths about the palm oil and the goodness of palm oil.

  3. It's very informative to read about all the myths about palm oil and also about its value and nutritional output. Really a good insightful read

  4. These are some interesting facts about the Palm oil and we all are now aware of many uses of palm oil in our daily life.

  5. These are some very useful information about palm oil. I used to be a bit skeptical about using palm oil based products. This cleared a few of my doubts.

  6. Palm Oil has been around for a long time, however there is not much clear and accurate information about the oil. In fact there are many myths doing the round. It is good to get clarity straight from the horses mouth, this post has really helped us understand more about Palm Oil and its uses.

  7. Palm oil is used in pretty much everything. Yes there are articles where they say that the usage of palm oil is destroying the rainforests. There is still not clear research done and I hope some research and findings are determined.

  8. Wow that's was too much of download for my system...quite informative indeed

  9. There is no clear information present around palm oil. And as it is market driven economy, more emphasis was placed on olive oil for obvious reasons. Palm Oil is definitely gaining ground as bio fuel. Though I believe more awareness needs to be generated around the same.

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