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Dispelling myths about palm oil

I attended the MPOC (Malaysian Palmoil Council) webinar where Mrs. Bhavna Shah ( country head of MPOC) dispelled many myths about palm oil and made us realize its importance. The session of the MPOC was very helpful and informative.  I figured out how palm oil is used for various things and why it should be consumed. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarb of the palm fruit. Oil palm cultivation produces more metric tons of oil per hectare than any other vegetable oil. Dispelling myths of palm oil The palm oil industry adheres to and implements sustainable and good agricultural practices, but has been accused of destroying rainforests and wildlife habitats, especially durable practices including orangutan. These allegations are driven by campaigns. These negative campaigns have similarly prompted the use of palm oil as a renewable fuel, which needs to be proven to be sustainable. Nutritional content of palm oil Today, palm oil is one of the many food items on supe