Emami Kesh king oil Review and simple yet effective hair care tips and tricks

 (Our hair grows from beneath the skin, so there is no different care for hair and hair scalp!)

Hair Fall which is faced by all ages?

Basically there are many reasons for hair fall and it also differs according to gender and ages. Most common among generations is stress, lack of hair care, Fungal infection, pollution, poor blood circulation in the scalp, chemical treatments, hard water etc 

   Rest may happen due to lack of immunity, nutritional deficiency, stressful job, even pregnancy can cause hair loss..

Important step in Haircare that can change the game!

Hair fall problems should be treated immediately else it can turn into permanent hair loss . Also along with proper hair care routine could get amazing results even at home without trying any expensive hair treatments. A simple spa oil (ayurvedic oil massage) massage is one such treatment which can bring a massive change in hair growth and hair loss. Most important step is choosing the right oil for hair growth. 

Why chose Emami Kesh king oil?

It is an ayurvedic anti-hairfall oil with a deep root comb. And most importantly it contains 21 herbs which are specifically meant for hair strengthening and hair growth. Not many ayurvedic brands these days can assure that they are completely ayurvedic. But Emami kesh king was clinically proven to be 2 times more effective than other ayurvedic hair oils. I usually purchase products which are only ayurvedic by checking their ingredients. 


  It is very affordable compared to other oils which are expensive unnecessarily and do not even have the power of 21 herbs. for prices please check their website shop.keshking.com. It comes in 50ml, 100ml and larger pack sizes


   It comes in a green colour bottle along with a revolutionary deep root comb that can be used for applying hair oil to the scalp directly and also enhances micro circulation on the scalp. The process of applying oil directly to the scalp helps oil penetration deep into the skin which strengthens the root by reducing hair fall. and leading to new hair growth.

Ingredients and its benefits:

  • Bhringaraja - It can prevent hair greying and strengthening the hair from its roots and it's a great addition with cooling properties in it.

  • Amalaki - It is well-known for its hair growth benefits

  • Methi - It treats the dryness of hair, baldness and thinning of hair.

  • Jatamansi - It increases blood circulation in scalp and treats insomnia and enhances hair color  

  • Manjistha - It controls hair fall and improves hair health

  • Lodhra - It treats hair infections like ulcers and boils also acts as a coolant

  • Japa - It strengthens hair and stimulates new hair growth.

  • Brahmi - Calms down the stress and treats itchiness and split ends

Now, let's see what brand says about the product

 The secret of Kesh King’s success lies in gathering rare, precious herbs and processing them rigorously as prescribed in Ayurvedic scriptures.

Selected 21 herbs are picked up from the purest sources with “Mantrocharan,” ensuring the benefits of herbs are retained. These are processed using Tel Pak Vidhi in which herbs are boiled in Sesame seed oil for hours under rigorous conditions to absorb goodness of the herbs in the final product. Kesh King now comes with a revolutionary DEEP ROOT COMB TM that helps to enhance micro circulation on the scalp & allows targeted oil application at the roots for perfect penetration.

How to apply Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair oil? The right method!

  1. Open the Cap and attach the revolutionary deep root comb

  2. Place it on the affected area and press the bottle for the oil flow into the scalp.

  3. Gently massage the scalp using fingers for 10 minutes which increases blood circulation.

  4. You can also dip a towel or cotton cloth in warm water and wrap it around your head to nourish the hair. Leave it on for 15 to 20minutes in this step. You can also leave the oil overnight for best results.

  5. Wash using Kesh king ayurvedic anti- hair fall shampoo with a cold or lukewarm water.

Tips and tricks using hair oil to promote hair growth

Here are some of the important hair growth tips by using kesh king oil..

  • After applying hair oil using the revolutionary deep root comb, we can use normal comb to spread the oil evenly so that it penetrates deep into the scalp

  • For best results, you can use this for at least 3 times in a week.

  • Apply oil using your finger tips only and massage it gently. Don't ever use your palm or rub the oil vigorously on hair, as it may uproot weak hair.

  • For best results, you can apply it overnight and let it penetrate deep into the follicle of your hair and wash your hair the next morning using Kesh king ayurvedic shampoo. 

Do's and don'ts in hair care

We have seen many things for the hair fall reasons. So how to stop hair fall using simple home remedies?

  Scalp skin is just like any other skin in other parts of our body. So we must keep it healthy to ensure a healthy body and healthy hair.

🌺 If you have really rough or frizzy hair, cleaning up the scalp daily can result in heavy hair fall. In those cases, nourishing the hair with oil massage and hair wash can reduce the hair fall to much extent. 

🌺 Shampooing removes grease and dirt, however many shampoos create hair fall problems because of its chemical actives. Probably use sulphate free shampoos if your hair is colored or chemically treated like straightened or keratin treatment. This will reduce hair fall slowly.

🌺 Can use acidic shampoos after oil massage which can improve the condition of hair and don't strip the natural oils in scalp. 

🌺 Use conditioners after shampooing which can provide protection to hair against any environmental damage. 

  My Final take on product 

        I have frizzy hair and use of chemicals to my hair usually creates hair fall issues as well as split ends. And being chemically treated hair, my hair looks lifeless. So, I always look for ayurvedic products with 100% ayurvedic ingredients which at least don't cause further damage to my hair. Compared to the 21 ingredients, the product price is completely affordable. Also the product was even recommended to pregnant moms to avoid hair falls, so it's a worth purchasing product according to it's plenty of benefits. It does not have any side effects and is suitable for the whole family. The KK Ayurvedic shampoo with aloe vera and 21 herbs does not only help reduce hair fall, it also makes my hair Silky, Shiny, Smooth, which is rare in any Ayurvedic shampoo.

Rating and Suggestion

    Rating 4.75/5

 I hope the tips and tricks for hair growth are useful to you all. I also mentioned do's and don'ts for you guys to help more on hair care treatment easily at home itself. Kesh king oil is one such product among the market which I discovered after several search for ayurvedic oils. So, I referred this product here for morning and night hair care routine. 

And it's a made in India product 

 If you wish to buy this product then buy on Kesh King Website

Or DM them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/keshking/

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  1. Emami is a good brand with many nice products. This one too seems packed with the goodness of so many time tested and natural ayurvedic ingredients. Bhringraj, Brahmi. Methi are really very good for the hair.

    1. Yes. It has all those goodness and affordable too

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