Beauty oil and the trick to use it... Featuring Vasu health care products

 Beauty oil is one product which acts as a serum, moisturizer and keeps skin glowing!

by Deepalakshmi on Sep 26

What are the benefits of using Beauty oil?

Basically beauty oils are an anti- ageing product which easily dissolves and passes into our skin as a lipid layer more easily than a water based moisturizer. It works as a barrier for our skin from wind, cold and dust elements. Helps to clear up acne too. 

What's different in Vasu Beauty Oil?

It contains the main ingredient as kumkumadi tailam which is well known for its antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfectant properties. It lightens complexion and adds radiance to the skin. It's a wonderful blend of plant, flower, fruit, and milk extracts, make this tailam a wholesome beauty product that aims towards diminishing various signs of aging like wrinkles, pimples, fine lines, dark circles, spots, blemishes, and also effectively treats the skin infections and conditions like hyperpigmentation, allergy, eczema, etc

 Main Ingredients used in this beauty oil

  • Lavender oil

  • Kumkumadi tailam

  • Avocado oil

  • Rapeseed oil

  • Argan oil

  • Rice bran

  • Licorice

   Describing the Product

by Deepalakshmi on January 5

Price of Vasu beauty oil is  Mrp 550 for 100ml and available at discounted price on Amazon as MRP 439 and Vasu health care sites.

Price of Vasu Aloevera gel is MRP 180 and we get it at discounted price at ecommerce sites. 

     🌺 Vasu beauty oil is an oil based formula also called tailam. It contains 0% mineral oil, silicon, and artificial fragrance. Also it is cruelty free, paraben free and dermatologically tested. A little goes a long way, only 2 to 3 drops is enough to spread on our face. I loved the packaging as it comes with a normal cap and another needle cap. We can fix whatever is comfortable to us. I started using it as a night care regime after cleansing my face initially to check whether it makes my skin oily or not. Voila, it didn't. Hence then I started using this in my morning routine too. 

   I also find it difficult on my skin texture while applying my foundation routine. As it helps my makeup to stay flawless without any cracks or uneven texture. I soon realized all of the incredible ways I could regularly use oils, and they have been a game changer! Seriously

      🌺When it comes to aloe vera gel, it always has a cooling effect on our skin, so if I had a hectic day and if my skin needs something cooling then I would use this aloe vera gel to help hydration and cool down the nerves. 

The packaging itself looks like an aloe leaf in a transparent plastic bottle. I use it often as a face mask too, like wearing it for 5 mins and then wiping it off so that it gives a nice cooling and soothing effect and removes skin burns immediately.

How to use it? The right method 

  • After  cleansing simply dab the beauty oil on your face and smooth over skin and neck. And give it 2 to 3 minutes time to absorb 

  • If you are using it as a moisturizer, then I suggest you press it into your skin and not as rubbing. 

  • It also acts as a primer or top coat on our skin to seal all the products underneath. 

  • For putting makeup, we can use this beauty oil underneath and let it sit for 3 to 4 mins to absorb and then wear a foundation so that it glides onto our skin making it flawless naturally. 

  • We can use the aloe vera gel as a primer as it fills the pores so that makeup looks flawless on our skin

Tips to use Vasu beauty oil and aloe vera gel from my experience

  🌺From my experience we can use this beauty oil as our skincare routine or in foundation trick. Other than this, we can apply the beauty oil in our cuticles to moisturize them. Using it after manicure can help to seal the moisture in nails.  If you suffer from any dry patches on feet, elbows, or anywhere, just add 2 drops of this oil to body lotion to give it an extra boost of moisture power to those areas.

  Also I use it as a makeup remover in some days. It's an amazing way to remove makeup and dirt and detox our skin. We can just take a few drops of oil and massage using it on our face to get rid of all the makeup and wash it off. 

  We can massage the oil in your face for a minute and then soak a towel in warm water and Pat the same on your face for 5 minutes so that you can enjoy the mini steam facial.

 🌺Aloe Vera gel acts as a moisturizer as well as a primer too. We can use it on our face for smooth, clear and glowing skin.

We can use the same on our hair while using heat properties like hair dryer or straightener or curler to help protect from damaging the hair. 

 We can use it on cracked feet, chapped hands and lips. 

  My Experience

        I have really sensitive skin, so rubbing any oil or moisturizer too much can give my skin redness. So I would just simply press it into skin always. It is better to avoid using too many products and stick to a few always. In that case, beauty oils are one such product which acts as a multipurpose way. 

  According to the climate and humidity we can reduce or improve it's usage. As there is no such point, that we cannot use beauty oils on summer time. Whatever the humidity is, our skin needs hydration to look and feel good. 

Rating and Suggestion

    Rating 4.5/5

 I personally love the kumkumadi beauty oil from brand vasu, and am using it as a multipurpose oil in my foundation routine, skincare, on my dry chapped lips and mini steam facial routine. And aloe vera gel as a primer, face mask and heat protectant before using straightener or blow dryer. According to the price, these are the better products which is useful from morning to night time routine and not like a product which sleeps in my makeup vanity. 

 If you wish to buy this you can buy them in  their site

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