Menstrual Cup cleanser from Everteen - Full and honest review

Women's hygiene is really important and especially for the intimate areas!

by Deepalakshmi on August 13


It is based on natural plants formula,Specially formulated to provide cleaner and disinfected menstrual cups during periods. The everteen menstrual cup manages the risk of attracting infection to maintain intimate hygiene during menstruation. It manages the risk of infection & irritation and maintains natural pH balance while being gentle on skin.

Everteen Brand

  Wet & Dry Personal Care (W&D) is a privately-held fast-growing healthcare and wellness company headquartered in New Delhi, India. The company is born out of a passion for creating innovative health and hygiene products and solutions for the evolving consumer needs. 

   Describing the Product

by Deepalakshmi on August 13

Price Mrp 360 for 200ml and available at discounted price on everteen and wet dry personal care sites

 It has a liquidy texture and comes with a pump dispenser to use the product. The packaging is pretty good and hygienic to use. It allows you to sanitize and sterilize the cup with a soft-bristle brush. As mentioned it should be disinfected for 5 minutes for full relief. It contains 100% natural active ingredients that have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Also it helps to flush off any residue, stains or irritants to ensure that you do not risk getting an infection while using your menstrual cup. 

  Also this pack comes with a brush which we can use to sanitize and sterilize the cup. Also it has soft bristles that keeps the product away from scratches. Make sure to rinse the menstrual cup thoroughly with clean water after washing with everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser.

    This unique natural plants-based formula is easy to rinse yet tough on stains. 

  My Experience

   When I switched to the Menstrual cup, I was afraid of how it would be suitable for me and how well it keeps me hygienic. Though it reduces the risk chemical contact to skin like other sanitary pads do, cleaning the right way is very much important while using a Menstrual cup. First I was quite impressed with the packaging and pump kind of dispenser. Then the brush comes with this is the amazing thoughtful idea to keep ourselves hygienic. 

  And the brush made it easier to clean the cup so easily and effectively. Because it's a plant derived product, there is no chemical smell in the cleanser. And it lasts for me around 3 to 4 months on regular usage. So according to the lasting period, the price point is reasonable. It effectively removes the odour from the cup and keeps it clean and avoids bothersome touch. 

Rating and Suggestion

    Rating 4.75/5

 I will definitely buy this again and it impressed me in terms of quality and lasting period. Keeping intimate hygiene is the very must thing and investing on the right kind of products for this is really appreciable one.

  If you wish to buy this you can buy them in  their site

You can also order a period box containing all the essential needs for period times at

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