Intimate hygiene for women's for all ages from Everteen

 Intimate washes for all ages of women in different variants!

by Deepalakshmi on Aug 04


It was specifically designed to promote complete vaginal hygiene and balance naturally. It is formulated with 100% natural active ingredients to give you the safest and most effective cleansing of this very sensitive part of your body. It's completely free from soap, SLS, SLES and other harsh chemicals that can damage your sensitive skin. The natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of everteen intimate wash help prevent vaginal odour, itching and irritation.

  It is suitable for married and single women and for all skin types. It is also recommended for use during Menstrual periods. 

How to use it?

  • Wet the vaginal area

  • Pour sufficient quantities of everteen's natural intimate wash on your palm. 

  • Apply externally on the vaginal area and and work up a good lather.

  • Rinse thoroughly

  • On a day to day basis, use everteen natural intimate wash at least twice daily

  • You can use it more frequently during periods, sex, workout or excessive perspiration.

Variants I have

  • Everteen natural intimate wash - For women of all ages

  • Everteen natural intimate wash with witch hazel - For mom's

  • Everteen natural intimate wash with yogurt - For teens

  • Everteen natural foam foam wash

   Describing the Product

Price Mrp 300 for 150ml (foam wash) and available at discounted price on everteen and wet dry personal care sites. It is available in 3 variants with 06SKUs of 105ml & 210ml

Everteen natural intimate wash - For women of all ages

      This one has broad spectrum antifungal and antibacterial properties, alum which constricts blood vessels for youthfulness and improves natural immunity on intimate areas. And aloe vera provides soothing without inflammation. Thus made it suitable for all ages to use this

Everteen natural intimate wash with witch hazel - For mom's

  Witch Hazel is especially useful for middle-aged and elderly women who want everyday freshness and protection naturally. It also has other ingredients like neem, aloe vera, tea tree oil and sea buckthorn, which are well known for their skin care benefits.

Everteen natural intimate wash with yogurt - For teens

Yogurt is a good source of lactobacillus and helps restore a healthy vaginal balance. Yogurt is also an excellent beauty agent with natural cleansing, skin whitening and exfoliating properties.

Everteen natural foam foam wash

It has the same neem, sea buckthorn, tea tree oil and aloe vera as like in other washes but comes in a pump dispenser and like foaming wash. Suitable for everyone. The pump makes it more suitable for traveling than other washes. 

by Deepalakshmi on Aug 4

   My Experience

 I love the intimate wash because it has 100% natural active ingredients which I feel is the safest to use on intimate areas. Intimate hygiene is really important for all ages. So the variant that comes for different ages is pretty good. It effectively prevents odour and gives a pleasant feel. If you are traveling I would suggest you to get the foaming wash because other variants easily spill while traveling. 

     Investing in the right kind of products is really important. Intimate hygiene is very important for females of all ages. So, I would recommend everyone to get this one added in your vanity always. 

Rating and Suggestion

    Rating  5/5

   Everteen is one brand which has multiple products specifically designed for women's hygiene. I like the scent of the washes. Its not very overwhelming. I would definitely recommend this for women's. 

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