TikTok is Democratizing Creativity in India.

June 05
Creativity with social media

   We know that Tiktok is a short video platform where people can empathize with their creativity on the platform. It is a free platform where people can put up content. Tiktok has received a huge response since its inception. It's an effort to enhance the digital version of people's creativity. Also, there is a diverse group of content and incredible varieties of short videos in their platform and are now immortalized in the 2020 Tiktok hall of fame. 

How it became creators platform?

        Tiktok is famous for videos which become the trend and talk of the people and soon graduates to going viral. It enhances people's imagination and creativity in content across entertainment, humour, education and motivation and all this makes TikTok a preferred platform for creative expression. Creators who want to register their quirky, educative or joyful moments use this platform whereas some use this to engage with people in their own distinctive style. 

Talk of the town and Fame
  Tiktok has featured a vast variety of millions of videos created by users. Some are educational and some are motivational. People are able to find videos according to their interests. TikTok has spread across generations, celebrities and guest users and so is trending among people. It has different and unique filters which are very popular among the users. Some of the viral creative videos on TikTok that spread among generations ->
  Campaigns and Contests on Tiktok
     People always boost up their minds and perform extraordinarily when it comes to contests or campaigns. Eventually, users engage in these posts. There are some recent campaigns which became viral among users and also encouraged them to spread positivity, awareness and also donate for a cause.  For example, 
  • #Spreadthewarmth campaign highlights the issue faced by the less fortunate who don't have adequate winter clothes. 
  • #matkarforward campaign to help spread awareness among the digital community about creating and sharing of misinformation.
  • #Fightthedarkness initiative in response to prime ministers 9 pm for 9minutes call to fight COVID-19.
  • #Gharbaithoindia campaign invited users to share ideas on how to stay safe and beat the lockdown blues. 
It also had launched an in-app quiz aimed to build awareness around the spread of coronavirus and mobilize the community by facilitating donations to the PM cares fund. It was aimed to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ENGAGE and was even made available to people in their local languages. 

Content and Artists in TIKTOK

   CONTENT is the main key when it comes to popularity or fame. Tiktok with their numerous filters, tools and edits, makes sure to boost up the video among users. Artists who want to showcase their talent, use this as a primary platform to grow their audience. Just ensuring that our content is millennial-friendly and this platform democratizes creation of creative content. 
Trending TikTok Videos
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  1. It was genuinely sad to what happened. Some calls are definitely hard and impacts many as you have explained

  2. I have not used Tik Tok much but I have used it a long time ago to see some dance videos and I know it had a lot of talented people.

  3. Creation of content was good until it lasted. It's harsh and I feel for all the creators who put their blood and sweat in creating good content.

  4. I am too a tiktok user and was enjoying my crea experiences on that platform with recipes. Hope it comes back

  5. I never used Tik Tok nor watched the content on it except a few videos shared via stories or WhatsApp.... I'm sure it is an avenue that has included people from all over India and reached places we can only imagine.

  6. Manisha - I havent used the app so much but it was very popular within my household my sister used it to showcase her talent. Its sad things happened this way creating a lull for the numerous creators.

  7. Though I had never used this App myself, I have seen the immense popularity that it commanded.
    Sad that things ended this way.

  8. I do not make tiktok videos much. But I used to see others videos and enjoy. But sadly now its banned and so as peoples creative videos.

  9. I do not make tiktok videos much. But I used to see others videos and enjoy. But sadly now its banned and so as peoples creative videos.

    For poseinstyleblog, pooja

  10. I didn't use tiktok much but people used the app like crazy! Though it was widely popular now it's banned

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