#Sharetheload How to split the household chores with family members?

     Timely crisis will always bring people together. 

on June19

    Hai all! We are in a pandemic situation where stepping out is really a difficult thing to do. However we all are fighting against a deadly disease joining hands together. Also this lockdown has made us realize the uncertainties of our life.
    Apart from having fun at home, watching TV, playing games, there are certain responsibilities and domestic work was actually carried away all day. And also it's a startling truth that  women lose their enough sleep and rest because of these household chores. Sot's join together and make a difference in sharing household chores equally. 

  Equality at household chores
 Planning things ahead and dividing the same among every individual at home evenly. There is no such work only women can do. If the husband comes early he can cook, wash clothes etc. Orelse husbands can look after kids while the wife is doing household chores. Men can #sharetheload by even doing laundry at home since that is the easiest task to start with. Sharing loads at home is also a way of sharing love together. When it comes to multiple people at home division of responsibility irrespective of gender will actually bring people together and have a great day. 

 #Sharetheload with Understanding
    Upon necessity, sharing the load can lighten the burden of an individual person. So, I am grateful to my husband as I don't always expect him to help me with household chores but he always does it. That's something that benefits our home to have some time to spend with our family members. 
    There are many household chores which we can equally share like preparing meals, dusting the room, cleaning bathrooms, feeding pets, washing dishes etc. That will be actually fun doing things together. And It's a gratitude post to those men who actually help females in household chores. 
  I also urge every man who has not been sharing chores to take initiative and manage things. Because women also need equal sleep and rest. Even on Sunday , womens can't rest or take care of themselves apart from domestic work. These kinds of situations will affect women physically as well as mentally too. Women also have to take care of their health and wellness. Sharing chores will actually bring happiness and unity among family members.
  We will #sharetheload and help each other in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda
 It's time to take action and take the first step towards sharing the load by #sharethelaundry . Because laundry is indeed an easy task to start with. 
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