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TikTok is Democratizing Creativity in India.

June 05 Creativity with social media    We know that Tiktok is a short video platform where people can empathize with their creativity on the platform. It is a free platform where people can put up content. Tiktok has received a huge response since its inception. It's an effort to enhance the digital version of people's creativity. Also, there is a diverse group of content and incredible varieties of short videos in their platform and are now immortalized in the 2020 Tiktok hall of fame.  How it became creators platform?         Tiktok is famous for videos which become the trend and talk of the people and soon graduates to going viral. It enhances people's imagination and creativity in content across entertainment, humour, education and motivation and all this makes TikTok a preferred platform for creative expression. Creators who want to register their quirky, educative or joyful moments use this platform whereas some use this to engage with people in t

#Sharetheload How to split the household chores with family members?

     Timely crisis will always bring people together.  on June19      Hai all! We are in a pandemic situation where stepping out is really a difficult thing to do. However we all are fighting against a deadly disease joining hands together. Also this lockdown has made us realize the uncertainties of our life.     Apart from having fun at home, watching TV, playing games, there are certain responsibilities and domestic work was actually carried away all day. And also it's a startling truth that  women lose their enough sleep and rest because of these household chores. Sot's join together and make a difference in sharing household chores equally.    Equality at household chores  Planning things ahead and dividing the same among every individual at home evenly. There is no such work only women can do. If the husband comes early he can cook, wash clothes etc. Orelse husbands can look after kids while the wife is doing household chores. Men can #sharetheload by