#SheNeedsPad initiative by Everteen Brand #HelpTheNeedy

#SheNeedsPad initiative By Everteen

Help to distribute 1 million free sanitary pads to women in need #sheneedspad

on May 15

    Hai all! We are in a quarantine period and the fear of deadly disease is almost killing our courage. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it is that life happens while we are busy making other plans. It also made me realize the uncertainties of life. 
   When everything is under lockdown, the reality of daily workers and survivors is not the same as before. So, let's join together and make a difference in helping someone who is struggling. 
 Everteen Initiative 
Everteen, one of the leading brands in feminine hygiene products, has come forward to distribute 1 million sanitary pads to such women in need, absolutely free of cost. There were many people who weren't even aware about sanitary pads. And daily labourers who don't have money this time can't even afford to buy sanitary pads. So, the initiative by Everteen will help the needy ones and I suggest we all could take part in this. We need to distribute sanitary pads to those who actually need it and can't afford it. 
Join Hands together to help the needy!
   Guys, you can help us in this initiative. Wondering how? 
STEP 1:   Just login to www.sheneedspad.com and fill in the details of someone who needs pad and can't afford it. So that the Indian brand Everteen will distribute the pads to them using those details. So this is the best opportunity to serve our country during this lockdown. Join together in this Janta army and donate sanitary pads. 
 STEP 2:   And pls check the website www.sheneedspad.com and donate some money if you could. So that the brand will use those money as delivery charges to deliver the sanitary pads. And our contribution can make a big difference in our country. Like there should not be anyone who struggles even for basic needs. 
STEP 3:   If you are in social media, then do spread the word to help the needy. Just make a video about this social cause and continue the chain with people. So that people can be aware of this great news and it will reach everyone even in every corner of the country. 
Take a pledge
Take a pledge to serve our country and join this Janta Army. Do spread the word and I feel this is the right time to serve our country and help the needy ones. 
  About Brand

Everteen Sanitary Pads

   The sanitary pads have anti-rashes and anti-tanning properties, with the goodness of neem and safflower extracts.
Its Skin-friendly, cottony soft top-layer, 280mm extra-long pads, wide wings
It also has 8-layer protection, odour locking gel-core system with advanced leak protection. 

You can find their products in 
You can also find their products in their official website www.everteen.co.in
Or DM them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/everteen_wd/ to know about this social cause.

Also Buy swadeshi and help the Indian economy to boost up in this pandemic situation. 


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