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#SheNeedsPad initiative by Everteen Brand #HelpTheNeedy

#SheNeedsPad initiative By Everteen Help to distribute 1 million free sanitary pads to women in need #sheneedspad on May 15      Hai all! We are in a quarantine period and the fear of deadly disease is almost killing our courage. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it is that life happens while we are busy making other plans. It also made me realize the uncertainties of life.     When everything is under lockdown, the reality of daily workers and survivors is not the same as before. So, let's join together and make a difference in helping someone who is struggling.    Everteen Initiative  Everteen, one of the leading brands in feminine hygiene products, has come forward to distribute 1 million sanitary pads to such women in need, absolutely free of cost. There were many people who weren't even aware about sanitary pads. And daily labourers who don't have money this time can't even afford to buy sanitary pads. So, the initiative by Ev