Naturesure Pores and marks oil!

Moringa oleifera, one ingredient to smooth and spotless skin?

by Deepalakshmi on September 04
It unclogs pores and filled enlarged skin pores.
It heals stretch marks, scars and fine lines.
It moisturizes and rejuvenates skin wonderfully.
It prevents loss of collagen and elastin.
Why Pores and Marks oil?
  • It contains 💯% pure and cold pressed oil extracted from moringa oleifera.
  • It Unclogs and fills enlarged skin pores, helps to heal stretch marks and fine lines naturally
  • It acts as a moisturizer that hydrates and deep-cleans skin, prevents loss of elastin, collagen and keratin, helps maintain elasticity and smoothness
  • It acts as an antiseptic, natural antioxidant and sunscreen against UV rays
  • It helps to fade age-spots, blemishes and scars, repairs blackheads and dark circles, helps control pimples and skin disorders
  • Nature sure offers assured quality products made with 100 percent pure and top-grade ingredients at gmp- and iso-certified units approved by dte of ayush
Describing the Product
by Deepalakshmi on January 5
Price Mrp 1379 and available at discounted price on Naturesure site.
 It comes in a plastic white and not a transparent bottle. The key ingredient used in this pores and marks oil is Moringa Oleifera, extracted in a 100% pure and cold pressed form. It has four times more Vitamin A than carrots, seven times more Vitamin C than oranges, and twenty times more Vitamin E than tofu. So the Morning phenolics offer the best protection against enzymes that cause breakdown of collagen and elastin.
How to use? The right method 
  • Pregnant ladies avoid this oil
  • Wash the affected skin with gentle cleanser
  • Pat it gently with a soft towel to dry 
  • Apply on affected area and massage in circular motion . But don't scrub hard 
  • Wait for 10mins for the oil to get absorbed completely. Till then don't wipe off
  • Use twice daily in your morning and night time routine before bed.
  • Also while going outdoors it protects against UV Rays, pollutants and environmental damage.
  My Experience
 It has an ayurvedic fragrance like kumkumadi tailam. As the name says, it's an oil. So we cannot expect it to be like a serum and absorb quickly. It takes a minute more than serum to get absorbed. Acne scars can be of any type like boxcar, rolling. It happens mostly due to allergic and also before periods. Few days after those acne tends to leave scars on face. Acne can vanish easily without using any.

Rating and Suggestion

    Rating 4.5/5
Many have been facing open pores issue and scars issue. Some are experiencing because of genital and some are through pollution and wrong skin care routine. Females may also experience this because of menstrual cycle. Acne tend to appear before menses and leave  scars after menses ends. So an appropriate ayurvedic oil will help out in those situations. Cleansing the face is a must before applying this facial oil. Otherwise applying this directly on face will tend to breakout. Also we shall use it as a sunscreen as well as facial oil before applying any makeup for women's skin. It doesn't leave any oiliness but leaves a healthy glow on your face. Also experience an ayurvedic fragrance in it through whole day 
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