NatureSure Good liver with Milk Thistle!

NatureSure Good liver with Milk Thistle!

Healthy liver and a healthy food! What else we need to prevent hepatic diseases?

by Deepalakshmi on September 04
It detoxifies the liver  and remove waste substances.
It helps to maintain healthy digestion
Helps in healthy liver function
Prevents liver damages
Why Good Liver with MilkThistle?

  • It is 💯% vegan, gluten free and non GMO product
  • Our body's hepatic system is a powerful structure to detox blood, metabolize glucose and build proteins.
  • So the daily dose of this capsule will prevent damage due to free radicals, removes pollutants and waste from the digestive tract.
  • Can protect the liver against toxin exposure from alcohol, smoking and certain medications.
Describing the Product
by Deepalakshmi on January 5
Price Mrp 1170 and available at discounted price on Naturesure site.
 It comes in a plastic bottle and 90 capsules in it. The ingredients they added are kutki extract, punarnava extract, kalmegh extract, makoy extract, kasni extract. It is not intended to use for pregnant women and also if u are undergoing any medication you should consult the doctor before consuming. 
How to use? The right method 
  • It is absolutely for adults.
  • Take 2 capsules 2 times daily, preferably after a meal. 
  • Two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening
  • Or as suggested by your physician
  My Experience
We need to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise to protect liver. We should also keep our weight in control which will help to prevent non alcoholic fatty liver disease, a condition that leads to cirrhosis. We should avoid toxins and mainly alcohol to be consumed responsibly. Avoiding usage of contaminated needles. Vaccination also plays a vital role in preventing hepatitis virus. So this capsule is purely for adults who needs a special care to protect their liver. Maintaining a healthy liver will give easy digestion. I took this for a week 2 in the morning and evening. I faced frequent urination because of this which removes the toxins through urine.  So that the liver stays healthy. 

Rating and Suggestion

    Rating 4.5/5
It contains Kutki extract which will protect the liver against damage from hepatitis C virus. It can also be used in all forms of liver damage, cirrhosis and inflammation. And punarnava is primarily used for kidney and urinary disorders. It helps detoxification and prevents fluid retention. Kalmegh extract stimulates immunity and also treats liver disorders. Makoy for eye diseases and liver. And lastly kasni extract can be used as an antibiotic and to treat liver diseases and stomachic. I checked with my physician before consuming it, so I always suggest you to check this with your physician, so that they will tell you the proper way to consume it according to your body health. Or if you are planning for pregnancy or any medications you are undergoing, you should not use this. Also your physicians will suggest to avoid these.
 If you wish to buy this you can buy them in  their site
You can also order this product NatureSure website
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  1. I think I will get it as I drink and smoke a bit too much sometimes...and also it is gluten free...i have been taking livfit till now as of to protect my liver from my gym supplements too...but good liver seems like a better option with extra benefits

  2. seems like a good supplement for people who avoid eating healthy. I will suggest this to some of my friends.


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