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Khadi Amla & Bhringaraj Hair Cleanser review

               Hello dears..! welcome to my blog. Here we are going to see about Khadi Natural Amla & Bhringaraj Shampoo. I have been looking for a shampoo which was organic and natural with chemical free for daily use and surprisingly i found this shampoo. They are pure herbal. People would always prefer chemical free stuffs for their daily use and these are the wise choice for them to maintain their hair. So, lets see what this product claims and review about the product in my point of view after usage.


            Amla and Bhringaraj hair cleanser has best ayurvedic scalp and hair cleansing herbs and oils which results in complete hair care. It is beneficial for all types of hair and treats, thin rough and oily hair. It is enriched with powerful ingredients like amla, bhringaraj and reetha which results in healthy, shiny and silky hair.



Purified water, Reetha, Aloe Vera extract, Bhringaraj extract, Haridika, Neem oil and Base Q.S.

HOW TO USE: [3 step process]

Take the required amount as per hair length, apply over wet hair, gently massage all over scalp and rinse off.

Individual Unit Cost: 

MRP RS: 115 on online stores. I bought it from NYKAA and they are now providing 10% discount also.


I like the packaging of the bottle. The bottle comes in a sturdy plastic with a flip top that is more or less a good quality. The shampoo itself is quite travel-friendly because the plastic insert inside it making it safe rather than leakage. It is not so classy and has a simple packaging which makes us to trust it would be definitely an organic product. The nozzle provided is quiet easy for handling. It is black in color. The texture of the shampoo is quiet creamy and has no tempting fragrance in it. Although it has the pleasant and mild fragrance in it. My hair is so oily in texture and it is good for removing the dirt and oils in my hair absolutely. But the only concern is it does make my hair so dry after usage.
Trying an organic product that would make my hair nourish, shine and reducing the hair fall is my primary purpose for purchasing this. But at my utter surprise, it does reduces my hair fall to greater extent. It claims the benefit of hair fall reduction but doesn't moisturizes or nourishes, which i feel elusive. But my hair is all clean and nice, and frizziness got increased after the regular usage of this shampoo. Because of having amla and bhringaraj in it, it has cooling sensation on applying the shampoo and calms down the headache for a while.

  • Lathers well on to the scalp
  • Value for money
  • Natural ingredients like amla and bhringaraj helps soothing the scalp.
  • Removes excess dirt and oil from hair
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Does nothing with frizziness but tends to increase, not suitable for straight/ chemically treated hair
  • No SLS/ paraben in it.
  • comes only for 8-9 washes (210 ml)
  • not at all available in local stores
  • makes hair dry after sometime
Rating on my point view: 3/5

I hope it is useful for you..


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