Teddyy Changing mats - A highly-appreciated gift for any new mom

 Changing mats are pretty cheap. When compared to a towel, it's quite a hygienic alternative to switch to. Unlike towels, these mats are not harsh on the baby's skin, and they are pretty comfortable and skin-friendly too. Of the many options available in the market, I went for Teddyy changing mats because of their soft, spongy material, waterproof backsheet. In addition to these amazing features, it also has an antibacterial cover to protect your young one from germs. For those of us, who are looking for a safe alternative to regular changing mats, this product is a boon. 

      Teddyy Changing mats - A highly-appreciated gift for any new mom

Why disposable changing mats?

Who doesn’t want a mess-free process when it comes to doing diaper changes? Whether it’s containing the mess in a neat fashion or finding a way to sanitize them after a particularly bad diaper blow out- reusable mats seldom offer an easy way out.  You also need to bear in mind that once your baby is able to crawl or roll over, he/she’ll be able to wriggle about during nappy changes. At this point, it would be quite impossible to restrict any mess, and the cleanup is just going to be a big headache. So surely, reusable mats are not the right choice.
As opposed to this, it’s much better and convenient to opt for a disposable changing mat, that too of the Teddyy Brand.  So that your baby can remain comfortable and free from germs during diaper changes.
Teddyy changing mats: How it became my top choice


  Being a mother, it's my responsibility to stock up on good quality, hygienic, skin-friendly, and user-friendly products for my baby. Teddyy changing mats provide extra comfort and softness to my little one making nappy-changing easier. 
The quilted, double-layered mat is ultra-soft and quickly absorbs any liquid and providing my baby dry comfort for the entire night. 
What if we are in the park or any other places when a massive blowout occurs? We can just spread these mats on the grass or bench and get that mess taken care of.  And once, you’ve changed the diaper, you can just throw the used mat in the bin. As it’s easy to dispose of too!
And there will be no tension about rashes forming on your little one’s skin as it has an antibacterial core and hypoallergenic formula that protects your baby from infections and bacteria.https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/dqiKBi9lfteO4zuxCZrlnUNX5M5urhFYTTWywTEE3aeK3KggIoCrKYVz1O7lyrT2Dh0Lk4J61hwbEN9q2Vb5tSGno207FUg5x2lX2QyV3Ltr0tdIXrz4nUPnP0-4xZLXoLNRtXxO

      I love the material of the changing mat as it's lightweight but sturdy. And it has as such no chemical smell in it. Also, it doesn't have any toxic or irritating substances, it’s designed to be hypoallergenic and long-lasting. Also, I found this mat has a better grip for wiggly babies than any other changing mats. I always wanted my little one to have such mess-free comfort and happy surroundings.

Let's talk about the quality and features in a simple way:

  • It is foldable, compact and easy to carry
  • 💯% high quality and soft on baby's skin
  • Is a great option to carry in a diaper/storage bag for a trip
  • Is portable and convenient for outdoor use
  • Has an anti-bacterial cover for hygiene and safety, and a waterproof backsheet to avoid stains and spills from the back of the mat.
  • Has a criss-cross design to prevent leakages and spills 

Final take:

A clean baby is a happy baby and a happy baby means a happy mother.

Now that I have told you how well Teddyy changing mats have worked for me, why don’t you give them a try? You can buy them from Amazon
So go ahead, try them out and let me know how they worked out for you.


  1. i have seen different types of changing mats. this is really good n hygienical option. well explained review.

  2. Very nice mats Teddy has. We just used the baby bag free ones. Now they are used to out their dolls to sleep. 😁

  3. The care and cleanliness is actually very much important and required for both; the mother and the baby. Never knew such mats existed, but seems very useful.

  4. Frankly I never knew such product existed. If only I would have known it when my kid was a baby, it would have proved very helpful to me. But its seems a very nice product. New moms can really benefit using them.

  5. Wow it's really a Amazing product for babies wish I could have got this type of product when my kid was baby

  6. Wow very amazing product and good for babies.


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