Emami Kesh king oil Review and simple yet effective hair care tips and tricks

(Our hair grows from beneath the skin, so there is no different care for hair and hair scalp!)
Hair Fall which is faced by all ages?Basically there are many reasons for hair fall and it also differs according to gender and ages. Most common among generations is stress, lack of hair care, Fungal infection, pollution, poor blood circulation in the scalp, chemical treatments, hard water etc    Rest may happen due to lack of immunity, nutritional deficiency, stressful job, even pregnancy can cause hair loss..Important step in Haircare that can change the game!Hair fall problems should be treated immediately else it can turn into permanent hair loss . Also along with proper hair care routine could get amazing results even at home without trying any expensive hair treatments. A simple spa oil (ayurvedic oil massage) massage is one such treatment which can bring a massive change in hair growth and hair loss. Most important step is choosing the right oil for hair growth. Why chose Emami Kesh …

Beauty oil and the trick to use it... Featuring Vasu health care products

Beauty oil is one product which acts as a serum, moisturizer and keeps skin glowing!by Deepalakshmi on Sep 26What are the benefits of using Beauty oil?Basically beauty oils are an anti- ageing product which easily dissolves and passes into our skin as a lipid layer more easily than a water based moisturizer. It works as a barrier for our skin from wind, cold and dust elements. Helps to clear up acne too. What's different in Vasu Beauty Oil?It contains the main ingredient as kumkumadi tailam which is well known for its antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfectant properties. It lightens complexion and adds radiance to the skin. It's a wonderful blend of plant, flower, fruit, and milk extracts, make this tailam a wholesome beauty product that aims towards diminishing various signs of aging like wrinkles, pimples, fine lines, dark circles, spots, blemishes, and also effectively treats the skin infections and conditions like hyperpigmentation, allergy, eczema, etc Main Ingredients u…

Intimate hygiene for women's for all ages from Everteen

Intimate washes for all ages of women in different variants!by Deepalakshmi on Aug 04CLAIMS It was specifically designed to promote complete vaginal hygiene and balance naturally. It is formulated with 100% natural active ingredients to give you the safest and most effective cleansing of this very sensitive part of your body. It's completely free from soap, SLS, SLES and other harsh chemicals that can damage your sensitive skin. The natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of everteen intimate wash help prevent vaginal odour, itching and irritation.  It is suitable for married and single women and for all skin types. It is also recommended for use during Menstrual periods. How to use it?Wet the vaginal areaPour sufficient quantities of everteen's natural intimate wash on your palm. Apply externally on the vaginal area and and work up a good lather.Rinse thoroughlyOn a day to day basis, use everteen natural intimate wash at least twice dailyYou can use it more frequen…

Hair Removal is easy now with Neud Hair removal Spray!

Women's hygiene is really important and there is a simple solution with easy to use products!
by Deepalakshmi on Aug 04CLAIMS It is a hair removal spray which can be used for arms and legs. It's a modern and convenient method of removing hair easily, quickly and gently. It is suitable for men and women. It gives the freedom to just spray and wipe unwanted hair away. Women can use it to remove unwanted hair from arms and legs whereas men can use it to remove hair from chest and back. It's a paraben free product How Hair remover spray better than waxing/ cream/ razor?We all know that hair removal cream cleans the hair from the roots. Still it was messy to handle. Waxing can be very painful and also result in hard and ingrown hair. Shaving doesn't remove the hair from roots. Also shaving and epilators can cause occasional cuts, bruises or redness. They also leave ingrown hair. So to avoid these difficulties, hair remover spray is the perfect product that comes in handy to …

Menstrual Cup cleanser from Everteen - Full and honest review

Women's hygiene is really important and especially for the intimate areas!by Deepalakshmi on August 13CLAIMS It is based on natural plants formula,Specially formulated to provide cleaner and disinfected menstrual cups during periods. The everteen menstrual cup manages the risk of attracting infection to maintain intimate hygiene during menstruation. It manages the risk of infection & irritation and maintains natural pH balance while being gentle on skin.Everteen Brand  Wet & Dry Personal Care (W&D) is a privately-held fast-growing healthcare and wellness company headquartered in New Delhi, India. The company is born out of a passion for creating innovative health and hygiene products and solutions for the evolving consumer needs.    Describing the Productby Deepalakshmi on August 13Price Mrp 360 for 200ml and available at discounted price on everteen and wet dry personal care sites It has a liquidy texture and comes with a pump dispenser to use the product. The packagi…

Perfect add on Regime for Hair Removal - Neud Hair Removal Lotion

Perfect add on regime after hair removal!by Deepalakshmi on Aug 10CLAIMSIt's basically a lotion which can be used after hair removal to soothe and calm our skin. It is a unique skincare product that protects from the harsh after-effects of waxing, hair removal cream or shaving. Its gentle and soothing formula is paraben-free and instantly calms the skin after hair removal. Enriched with jojoba oil, lavender oil, sunflower oil, aloe vera, clove oil and Vitamin E, it provides excellent moisturization to prevent skin dryness. It also provides deep nourishment to help retain the natural glow of the skin. Suitable for both men and women, NEUD After Hair Removal Lotion restores the pH balance of the skin and prevents it from itching and rashes. Main Ingredients used in this lotionLavender oilVitamin EJojoba oilAloeveraClove oilSunflower oilDescribing the Productby Deepalakshmi on January 5Price Mrp 290 for 100ml and available at discounted price on everteen and wet dry personal care sit…

TikTok is Democratizing Creativity in India.

June 05 Creativity with social media
   Weknow that Tiktok is a short video platform where people can empathize with their creativity on the platform. It is a free platform where people can put up content. Tiktok has received a huge response since its inception. It's an effort to enhance the digital version of people's creativity. Also, there is a diverse group of content and incredible varieties of short videos in their platform and are now immortalized in the 2020 Tiktok hall of fame. 
How it became creators platform?
        Tiktok is famous for videos which become the trend and talk of the people and soon graduates to going viral. It enhances people's imagination and creativity in content across entertainment, humour, education and motivation and all this makes TikTok a preferred platform for creative expression. Creators who want to register their quirky, educative or joyful moments use this platform whereas some use this to engage with people in their own distinctive sty…